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  You give from the heart and you love fully with your heart but what are you doing to keep your heart healthy? Heart disease is the number one killer in our country taking one life every 34 seconds. Shocking … Continue reading

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Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Summer is here and it’s time for those tiny bikini’s and short shorts, is your body ready to unveil?  I lost 30 pounds, never felt hungry at all and the best part is I eat pretty much whatever I want … Continue reading

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What are you Drinking?

Ifyou’re looking to pack on a lot of belly fat, these products will help you do it. Make sure when you are looking at the supplement facts panel you look at servings per container because the labels are very tricky … Continue reading

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Common Foods that are High In Sodium

Seasonings and cooking aids                          Portion Size                                 Sodium (mg) Baking Powder                                                   1 tsp.                                              426 Baking Soda                                                        1 tsp.                                               1,259 Table Salt                                                             1 tsp.                                               2,300 Garlic Salt                                                            1 tsp.                                               2,050 Boullion Cube, Chicken                                    1 cube                                             1,152 Boullion Cube, Beef                                          1 cube                                             864 Salad Dressing, Italian                                    1 TB                                                 116 Soy Sauce                                                          1 … Continue reading

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What causes High Blood Pressure?

Statistics: One out of every four American Adults has high blood pressure. A small percentage of people with the high blood pressure is a result of an underlying problem such as kidney disease or a tumor of the adrenal gland. … Continue reading

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Facts about salt

Salt is made of 40% sodium and 60% chloride but when we talk about the health problems associated with salt were actually talking about sodium. Exactly what is sodium and what does it do? Sodium is a mineral that is … Continue reading

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4 Diet Mistakes That Age You!

by The Editors of Prevention I have added Herbalifes Products that are the solution in all 4 Mistakes, added to the core products which are the Healthy Meal Shake, the Cell Activator, and the Multivitamin. What if the fountain of … Continue reading

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