Belly Buster

We just came out with a new product this year called Prolessa Duo, let me tell you this product is great. I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. After listening to some of the testimonials on this product and the weight they were losing I decided to give it a try and boy am I excited to tell you I have lost 3 more pounds and 2 inches all off my belly area in one week.  It’s great!!!  Prolessa Duo is a unique formula that helps to significantly reduce caloric intake. It helps promote body fat loss and creates a feeling of fullness. It is stimulate free so there are no jitters and no side effects aside from losing weight. Just add it to my shake in the morning and it does all the work, couldn’t be easier!

If any of you are interested in losing the jelly belly you may have go to my shopping cart web site and register for a password to be sent to you.

Nutrition for a Better Life!


About lorihealthandwellness

I am a Health and Wellness Coach dedicated to helping people get their lives back through good nutrition. Without good health quality of life is poor. You only get one body and you need to feed it right for it to perform at it's best. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and allergies. I am happy to say that through good healthy eating habits I am totally medication free, I haven't even had to take an asprin for a headache in almost a year now! I am an Independent Distributor for Herbalife International the number "1" nutrition company in the world in over 76 countries around the world.
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